Part 2: #9 Bambi

#9.  Bambi – Hey, where did mom wander off to?

Yep, Bambi was one of those classics that helped start it all. The movie is based on the book, Bambi, A Life in the Woods. by Austrian author Felix Salten.  I think every kid remembers watching this movie and how it felt when Bambi is hanging out not bothering anyone and a sound rings out.  Ahhh?  What was that?  Oh yeah his mom is killed by a hunter.  (Out come tears for millions of children around the world).  Bambi is left alone to grow up in the shadow of a great leader, his crazy big father who is always hanging out on a ridge in the back ground.  Don’t think it was lost on all of us that the bad guy in Bambi is Man.  A forest fire?  Humans, or more accurately, Man, was awarded the number 20 slot on AFI’s top villains in movie history because of their roll in Bambi.  Dang humans.  Grab a tissue.

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